A very special wedding Tableau

One of my best friends, we literally know each other since birth – so she’s practically my sister – got married 2 months ago. I was lucky enough to be her bridesmaid and since I’m also a very cool Designer, the girl asked me to design her tableau cards!
I must say I was under a lot of pressure those days (too much work!) but I am so proud of the project, not only of how it visually came out, but expecially because the guests were really excited about it.

The tableau was composed by 2 types of cards:
1. place cards with the name of the tables (cities the couple visited together) and the names of the guests for that table
2. the city card on each corresponding table, with a few words asking the guests to leave a message for the newlyweds

I hope I played my role with honour and love and I wish my friend all the best :)
Love you Pinaaa ❤

Wedding tableau by Giulia Scifoni
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