Datalytics Rebranding

Datalytics – We Make Sense of Big Data was born in 2012 from a sentiment analysis framework called TwitterSA. From startup to big company, this very digital and very social reality is now working globally for clients like: Sky, TIM, Disney, Microsoft, Ericsson, HP, La7, La Stampa, Enel.

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I was asked by the guys to revitalize their Logo and Brand Identity. About the Logo and symbol, they wanted a more digital and dynamic touch keeping it true and faithful to its origins: this is why I just changed the font face, reduced the line weight and basically gave the symbol its continuity back.

The design of new Identity involved all related digital products: Brochures, Presentations, Invoices, Reports.

Datalytics Rebranding: Logo Revisited

Datalytics Rebranding: Brochure Revisited

Datalytics Rebranding: old brochure

Datalytics Rebranding: Business Cards and Presentation