GamePix: a taste of 5 years of Design

Celebrating 5 years of work in this incredibly talented, dynamic and growing young company, I feel the need of collecting the most significant projects I have worked on until today.
I’ve joined GamePix on January 2013 and my work as Full-stack Designer has always been focused on creating all digital and printed material, both for the company and all its related, evolving, products.

I have been in charge of and involved in:
- Brand Identity
- UI and UX layouts for web and Mobile Apps
- Advertising campaigns
- Banners & Icon design
- Promotional material for events & gadgets
- Presentations & brochures
- Technical documents & Investors decks
- Web Design & CSS basic coding
- Quality Assurance

External Projects:
- Project Management & Budgeting
- Coordinator of external/internal team resources and interns

Unfortunately many are the projects and designs I cannot share with the world. Some where directed to business meetings, others to investors and a few ones to very important people: like that time I was challenged to design a brochure for the sole hands of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO).

Welcome to GamePix

GamePix website, UI and UX, Rebranding

GamePix Business Cards with Spot UV details

GamePix visual assets


Videogames Posters Design