Meet Me Under the Rain

This is one of the projects I am most attached to: not only because of the huge amount of hours I spent working on it, but especially because of the incredible result that came out of it.
At my third year at the Rome University of fine Arts, I had to present a video for the “Digital Video” course and I know you will be surprised if I told you that it took me 3 MONTHS to complete it.

The story behind the video is really simple, but the interesting thing is how I realized the whole project: after filming the scenes (I used my car for the moving footage), I digitally built my scenography redrawing the landscape behind the scene. Then, I selected, cut the actors from the original footage and pasted them in my new canvas. All the little details (the leaves, the clouds, the rain, the hearts and the credits at the end) are animated manually, that’s why it took me so long and why I almost lost my right hand. Ha!
My exam went pretty good by the way :)